I find it very thought-provoking that you don't consider yourself a musical genius. Anyway, thank you very much for being the musical non-genius that you insist you are. ;) And thanks for doing this Fanbridge thing, because I always love when I'm able to have a little back-and-forth with my favorite artists! Much love.

Ott responded on 02/08/2016

I enjoy it too. I deleted all my personal social media accounts because they were stealing my soul and too many hours of each day, and now I do this instead.

Far more constructive than 'liking' pictures of people's dogs asleep on the sofa. Again.

I think we're all geniuses at being us - nobody 'Otts' better than me, just like nobody 'Dannys' better than you.

Some people express it in music, some people express it through pottery or dancing, some people in the way they bring up their children.

I think Robert Anton Wilson is a genius.

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