Did you do this ?

Ott responded on 02/08/2016

Yes, with my my friend Umran.

It was made at No. 26 Crownstone Road, Brixton, London during the summer of 1996.

It's very spooky hearing it 20 years later and remembering how it was made.

The guitar is Umran, the bass is a Kurzweil K2000 played by Umran using a guitar synth except in the chorus where it was played by me on a keyboard. The drums are me triggering an Akai S1000 from a Simmons drumkit [and then quantised] The synths are both us us, the Hammond organ is me, the long plucked solo is Umran, there's a real Roland TB303, a Sequential Drumtraks, and Umran singing with his hand down his pants. He used to do that.

I mixed it.

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