How did you and your wife meet?

Ott responded on 03/08/2016

She was one of the originators of 'Tribe Of Frog', a psy-trance night in Bristol. They booked me to play their outdoor festival in 2003 which then got cancelled because of some licensing bullshit. She was given the job of phoning me to tell me not to come. We ended up chatting for half an hour and during that phone call I fell in love. I thought she was the coolest person ever.

A few months later they booked me to play one of their parties and she was 'artist liaison' that night. I thought she was gorgeous but I didn't realise it was the same girl I'd spoken to on the phone.

The next day I texted my friend to tell him I'd met this girl and I thought she was HOT. Unknown to me she was sitting beside him at the time and he showed her the text.

Without either of us knowing, the same friend then invited us both to dinner a couple of weeks later and totally set us up.

Without doubt the best thing that ever happened to me. She's exceptional.

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