Sup dawg!

I've been working on some dubby tunes recently and was wondering if you had any tips on what to do when you get stuck in the arrangement swamp?

I can sit around all day fiddling knobs and mangling audio with my synths and stuff, but when it comes down to arrangement, I usually work on a track for like a month and it doesn't even sound halfway there, then I trash it and start all over again, this has been occuring now for several potential tracks.

Do you usually make a simpler sketch of the tune first or do you carve out all the details as you go along?

Also, how do you group your tracks together?

Also also, do you make the whole arrangement totally dry with no reverb/delays at first and then dub mix it for the final sound?

Sorry for bombarding you with all these questions, I'm just thirsty for advice!

Ott responded on 03/08/2016

I record all the FX before I ever start arranging.

Then I sketch out the arrangement of the song from start to finish with all the main parts in their places.

Then I go back and fix all the details.

The other way I do it is to get all the tracks up on my analogue mixer and arrange spontaneously, muting things in and out on the desk and recording long [45 minute] mixes which I then edit down.

Only works if you have a proper mixing desk that one. I've never found a DAW controller which could cut it.

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