It won't be a surprise for you anyway. You maybe heard it over 9000 times. But i have to say.

Never was and never would be something better than music you create. I say this with no wish to hail you, neither to express my "unique".

Did you expect that one day your talent will revive people? Rebooting minds again and again. Destroying the walls around and depersonalize. One writer said: " Come out from yourself. Look at you by side - amusing..." That is how your music works at me.

Don't rly expect why i am writing all this. I desired to write you a whole letter, long and picturesque, but... Who reads fan letters nowadays, right?

At least i have Signals from Bob and Baby Robot at my favourite playlist.

So what i am talking about... er stop being a saviour. I can just reckon that one day your path will lead you to the place i can get in.

Don't asking for your request,

One of thousands whose souls are healed because of your music.

Ott responded on 03/08/2016

I read everything, every email, every message, every question. I don't get to reply to them all because there are simply too many, but I absorb every insight I get sent.

Thanks for yours.

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