Hey Ott! Hello from Colorado! Have seen you and your band numerous times and your groove is super inspirational to me! A question, por favor: When you play live with the All Seeing I, how do you handle the drums? More specifically, does Matt play along to your programmed kick-snare-hihat patterns or does he play to a click? I am curious as to what we hear when we are in the audience - do we hear Matt playing in addition to and over the programmed drum parts, or do you just drop out the programmed drums, allowing him to play along with a click but basically playing his own variation of the beats? Thank you!

Ott responded on 03/08/2016

Matt is playing to a thinned-out stem of the drums from the record, and a click track. Part of the process is we recall the mix of the track and isolate all of the drums and percussion. Then we decide which parts he's going to play and remove those from the stem. Usually the kick, snare, hats, crashes, tom fills etc.

Then he learns the parts [he's like a fucking computer - a computer with a soul] and injects them with feel.

He's actually playing inside a framework of complex loops, breaks, and played percussion, playing enough to give it weight and groove but not so much it gets too dense and complicated.

He's probably the best click-track drummer I've ever heard. He can stick to the click like glue if he wants to but also has the confidence to slip forward and back as the song requires.

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