Do you have any tips on arranging a song? I never seem to get it to "flow" also, is your bass recorded or sampled or midi made?
How did you make the bass in Squirrel and Biscuits?

See ya in gothenburg this summer.


Ott responded on 03/08/2016

My process is to sketch out the overall shape in the rough and then fill in the details. It needs to be like a story, with a beginning, a middle and an end, with hopefully a twist or revelation at the end.

My bass is recorded, sampled and mid made. Whatever gets the job done.

Squirrel and Biscuits bass is a sample of a 7 oscillator patch I made on my Doepfer A-100, layered with a Korg MonoPoly and a sub oscillator from an SH-101. I multisampled it to every key over three octaves and drew the notes into the key editor in Cubase with a mouse.

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