Hello Mr. Ott I recently watched an interview where you were saying that after years of indulging you don't you don't feel the need to pursue psychedelics and that being a dad and making music fills that void. Those experiences seem to have affected who you are with your ability to capture the psychedelic essence in your music so well. I'm wondering what it is about the psy scene that still attracts you to it? I know this may seem like a loaded question or that i'm fishing for an answer but I more mean what is your personal attraction to it?
Also I'm wondering if your name is inspired by the ethnobotanist Jonathan Ott?

And lastly, thanks for the mind melting performance at Rainbow :)

Ott responded on 06/13/2016

I never felt I used psychedelics to fill any void. What I said was 'compared to being a dad, drugs feel a bit trivial'. Helping to create and raise a human was the most psychedelic thing I ever did.

But the experiences I had [many years ago] with psychedelics stayed with me and influenced every part of my life thereafter. When I make music I'm aware that a lot of the time I'm trying to re-trigger the feelings of bliss I felt while tripping and it seems obvious to me that if it works on me it'll work on others too.

I don't know what you mean by the 'psy scene' - I'm usually quite keen to avoid anything that describes itself as a scene - but I do enjoy the company of psychedelically-activated people and the explosions of fun they generate when they get together.

My name has nothing at all to do with Jonathan Ott - it's just the name my mum gave me back in the day.

Rainbow - ahhh! The best fun you can have with half-a-million flies.

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