Hey Ott :) I'm currently struggling with getting a consistent sound when playing/recording bass lines (as in, guitar/live). Whilst I'm sure 90% of my problem is my shitty playing technique, do you have any tips on 'live' bass processing? I.e. how to get it sounding super tight without squishing the shit out of it... (or how to squish the shit out of it without killing it..)?

Thanks for the constant inspiration, in life and music! Morison

Ott responded on 10/13/2016

Aiight Morry?

My advice would be to play as evenly as possible, on the best equipment you can muster, and then squish the shit out of it.

Soft knee, RMS, 4:1 ratio, attack >25ms, release 50ms.

Go for average 3dB - 6dB gain reduction.

[Holobiont is brilliant by the way.]

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