How long did it take you to make that most sublime track... Sommersettler ?

Ott responded on 06/13/2016


Just before I did it I had decided to give up making music and get a proper job, the plan being to sell all my equipment and spend the money on a used Porsche 911. As a goodbye to music I decided to make one last tune, purely for fun, and that was what became Somersettler.

I had been listening to dub for years but I'd never thought to make any, having been obsessed with breaking into the world of psy-trance. Don't ask me why.

Anyway, I spent weeks just tinkering around with sounds and samples and drums and stuff and then, one day, I realised I'd made a tune. I played it to Simon P who included it on the first Twisted Records 'Backroom Beats' compilation and it all went from there.

I listened to it this morning for the first time in ages and I really enjoyed it. It represents a highly significant change in my musical fortunes and taught me a lot in a short time.

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