If all your equipment was stolen and you could only use 2.500£ to invest in new equipment for the next album, and make the whole album with just that, how would you spend the money? What would you buy?And why? Laptop not included in the budget. ;)

All the best from Stockholm

Ott responded on 06/13/2016

£570 RME Babyface
£265 Yamaha HS5 [pair]
£340 Novation Remote 49 Sl MKII
£400 Steinberg Cubase 8.5
£290 Native Instruments Komplete 10
£350 Soundtoys Complete
£285 Propellerheads Reason 8

That, I think, would provide everything I'd need to make a good record. Every angle is covered.

The RME Baby face sounds as good as any esoteric interface costing four times as much, the Yamaha speakers are probably the best powered monitors I've heard under £3000 and the Novation is beautifully made and has more assignable knobs, faders and buttons than you'll ever need. Don't install Automap though - it's shit.

Cubase is the best audio sequencing platform there is, in my opinion, but the factory synths and effects are a bit lame so Komplete 10 and Soundtoys fills that gap brilliantly.

Finally, Propellerheads Reason is an amazing tool in its own right, for writing, remixing, sound-creation and fiddling about on aeroplanes. Astonishingly good value for £285 and can be Rewired to Cubase.

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