Dear Ott,
Do you have any advice for identifying and manipulating phase during the tracking, processing and mixing stages? Is it Secret? Is it Safe?
Appreciate you, all your work, and any advice you may have. Thank You :)

Ott responded on 06/13/2016

During tracking with multi-mic setups [drum kits etc] placement is key. I've never used any kind of formula or bust out a tape measure, preferring instead to move mics about until they sound good. Quite often I'd end up with a result which might not satisfy a purist but which sounds really good, for example a mic on the inside of a kick drum which doesn't fully correlate with the mic on the outside, but the result is a deep cancellation null around 400Hz which makes the summed signal sound fucking awesome.

There are a few plugins I've tried which manipulate phase relationships in real time and they can sometimes save a bad recording but the best approach every time is to get it right at source.

You can sometimes fix multi-mic phase issues with simple track delays but this can often introduce more problems than it solves, owing to the complex relationships between mics and their associated sound sources.

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