Ott--Wow! The band was marvellous in Seattle last weekend. Please please please please come back again

I was wondering if Chris, you, and the rest of the All Seeing I ever perform any of the Umberloid works? 'Exit Chapel Perilous' live would be mind blowing

Also, what was up with the sound quality? I couldn't really understand you when you came on the microphone :\

Ott responded on 10/13/2016

Probably not. That song was done in a weekend and I didn't keep any of the sounds. It is what it is.

Yeah, the mic thing - our sound guy hates me for that. I have a mic set up for playing my Melodica through, which has all kinds of filters, phasers and distortion on it. Sounds great on Melodica, not so good for inter-song banter.

Now he makes me setup a clean mic for talking horseshit through.

You didn't miss anything important.

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