Hi Ott, this page is excellent, thank you for your time.
My questions are? do you mix your songs in your own studio? Or do you prefer to go to another studio and use an ssl mixer, neve, etc for the mixing? which are your favorite channel strips and for what use? Do you use harmonic enhancers in your bus groups? Which is your favorite stereo compressor? (Hardware)
Thank you :-)

Ott responded on 11/20/2016

Hi Allan, long time no see. :0)

I mix everything in my own studio. My equipment is largely junk and my acoustics are very hit-and-miss, but expensive studios have one piece of equipment I could really do without and that is a ticking clock.

I like to take a long time over each mix and that is only possible because I'm not paying by the hour.

That isn't to say I wouldn't much rather be mixing on a beautifully maintained SSL 4072 G+ but I wouldn't swap it for the luxury of being able to take as long as I need over each song.

I have a few channels of SSL X-Rack stuff which I find a bit bland and clinical but great for shaping awkward sounds.

I occasionally use a Behringer Ultrafex [1990s vintage, before Behringer went completely to shit] to impart a bit of bite - it was across all my drum groups from HiD to Mir - but not so much recently.

My favourite hardware compressor is currently either a Valley People 610 or a Drawmer 1960.

I also really like the FMR Audio RNC1773.

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