Why did you get the Korg MS20 IC instead of the regular? Nothing against it, just would like the most streamlined set up as possible and I feel you have most likely been through it all.

Ott responded on 10/11/2016

When I got the MS20iC the Mini hadn't been released and I couldn't bear to spend £2000 [$3000] on a vintage original. I had the Korg Legacy Collection and when I saw the controller on eBay for £150 it was a no-brainer.

The MS20 Mini is very good but the plugin is virtually indistinguishable from the original, plus it is stereo in/out and 32-voice polyphonic.

I use it to gate vocals on stage with the band and also to filter Nick's vocals when we play 'Queen Of All Everything' live.

Probably the most accurately modelled synth I've ever heard.

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