Hey Ott. I'm listening to The Queen of All Everything and I remembered reading that you had your wife in mind while composing it.

I'm currently deep in a massive project, all but shut out from the world and potential life partners. Some come and go, but none stick.

I admit I'm already married to my book series, and I'm sort of holding out for when I reemerge, so to say. I try not to feel guilty that my project takes precedence...and I suppose that's the thick of it.

What were your relational/intimacy experiences before marriage? What were they during your engineering days? What is it like currently when you start working on a new album?

Thanks friend

Ott responded on 11/02/2016

Zoe [my wife] knows and accepts that she becomes a studio-widow when I'm making a record. She describes me as "effectively unreachable" during those times.

I had made two albums at the time we met ['Hallucinogen in Dub' and 'Blumenkraft'] so she knew what she was getting into. The years up to and including the time i spent making those records I was almost dangerously isolated from all human interaction and eventually I went properly nuts. Being a hermit is great for getting stuff done but it's a harsh and cold existence too.

'The Queen Of All Everything' was written by me and Nick Holden, in about 2004/2005 and I can now see that my contributions to it represent my feelings of utter elation, having emerged from a prolonged drought of love and affection into such an overwhelming downpour, having just met two of my best friends ever.

The name of the song I consider to be synonymous with love itself, which is, after all, the Queen of all everything, all of the time.

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