Do you consider stereo imaging/correlation when producing or mixing? Is it ok to be closer to zero or do you try to have your tracks closer to 1? Flicking through I see a lot hover around the 0.8 mark. Intentional or coincidence? Is that something you take care of in the mix or when designing sounds?

Ott responded on 11/03/2016

I just make sure everything below 100Hz is coherent and adopt the philosophy that if it sounds right, it is right.

Most reproduction systems are digital and stereo these days, even if the two speakers aren't placed very far apart, so there's no having to predict how a mix will sound on a mono TV or AM radio, and compromise like we used to.

I was concerned about this when cutting the vinyl master of 'Fairchildren' because it contains some extreme phase-shifting stereo effects which I thought may be uncuttable. Kevin Metcalfe [the cutting engineer] told me that it wouldn't be a problem and that phase problems when cutting to vinyl tend to be over-exaggerated. As long as the bottom end is coherent the rest is fine.

As a younger engineer I sometimes found myself obsessing over the phase meter and ended up ruining a few mixes because of it. I did the same with spectrum analysers until I realised that we should mix with our ears and our imaginations, not with our eyes and a slide-rule.

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