What is the noise floor of your setup? Not sure if I'm using the right terms, but what I mean is if you aren't recording anything, just your interface is on, what dBFS do your DAW meters read?

I'm currently recording with an internal soundcard and with my mixer and everything turned off, I'm sitting at around -65dBFS.

Just curious as to what your setup has and if my noise is fairly high or not. Haven't made the plunge for an external interface yet but, if I do, any recommendations?

Thanks for everything you do!

Ott responded on 11/22/2016

-65dB is unusable.

Internal soundcards are shit. If you're serious about recording music you have to get yourself an external interface and you don't need to spend a fortune.

If your budget is sufficient I would recommend an RME Babyface, although just about any external USB audio interface will be better than any internal soundcard.

Not only will it sound cleaner but it should have proper ASIO or Core Audio drivers which will give you greater reliability and much lower latency.

You know it makes sense.

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