How in the name of Princess Anne did you get a dimension-d for 20 quid??!!??!!

Ott responded on 01/18/2017

A friend was selling his Doepfer modular synth while I was looking to expand mine, so I made him an offer and a deal was struck. Later that week I went to his house to collect it and, as I do, I asked him if he had any other old junk he didn't want anymore. I got some SKB rack cases for a tenner each and then he produced a Roland Dimension D and a Roland TR-909 from his attic.

He pointed at the Dimension D and shrugged. "£20?"
"Done!" I replied, trying not to jump up and down. I pointed at the 909.

"£1000?" he ventured.

"Damn." I thought. "He knows what it's worth."

it's a nice thing, as a collector's piece, but I don't have much use for 909 sounds and I already have a Novation Drumstation and more 909 samples than I'll ever need. I politely declined.

But my Dimension D is now one of my most prized possessions and I'll never part with it.

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