Howz it? Ott, do you suffer from tinnitus after years of playing. If so have you found and relief? I'm trying notch therapy right now and hope it helps. Please type loudly so I can hear your response :0)

Ott responded on 01/18/2017

Fortunately I realised I was starting to damage my ears while I was young enough to change my habits and in 1996 I decided to learn to work [and mix] quietly.

At gigs I wear Ultimate Ears Pro7 custom in-ear monitors which i keep at quite moderate volume and I also use them as earplugs while setting up and packing down. I avoid loud music wherever possible.

I do have constant but low-level tinnitus which is easy to ignore most of the time, but Zoe [my wife] has severe tinnitus and hearing loss in her left ear [probably due to nerve damage from a virus she contracted, although she suspects it was caused by our baby daughter screaming in her ear] and it it causes her some difficulty in noisy rooms. She also has no directionality to her hearing.

I've passed her your link. Seems like a logical approach. Thanks for the info.

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