Hey Ott, it's been too quiet here lately! What do you think about Cubase 9? Do you like some of the new features like the Sampler Track or Lower Zone?

Ott responded on 01/18/2017

Yeah, I tend to let the questions build up and answer loads in one session.

I don't see much difference between Cubase 9 and 8.5.

The Lower Zone is not something I had any need for [I've switched it off already] and although I have tinkered with the sampler tracks, the fact that they aren't recognised by my Avid Artist Control and have no LFOs makes them of quite limited use.

I'm hoping Steinberg develop the idea further though as being able to quickly and easily map a WAV across the keyboard is a definite creativity boost. Kontakt can be a bit of a drag with it's terrible browser.

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