Do you believe it is more beneficial to make each individual song as best you absolutely can when learning music production or to keep pumping out tracks and advancing in skill through completing lots of projects sufficiently? As in you just keep doing project after project and eventually they start to sound good and begin to please you. Or hoard an album and work on it for years until its as close as you can possibly get to perfection (or your vision)?

Ott responded on 03/03/2017

I have a box of 100 DAT tapes containing just about everything I did between 1990 and 2000. They contain about 120 hours of music and sound.

Every project was started with a view to being the best tune ever and all of them were abandoned as failed experiments.

Some were technically good but stylistically awkward and some were quite good art but let down by limited equipment and skill. While I was working I was aware I was just throwing shit at a wall to see what sticks.

Nothing did until 'Somersettler', which came together over the course of six weeks in 2001. It was the first thing I ever called 'finished' and the first thing I ever released as Ott. I liked the style, I felt I'd expressed what I was striving to express, and it was reasonably well-executed. There came a point when I realised it was finished. That was my big breakthrough moment.

I don't think endlessly obsessing over one project is a good idea, but aiming for anything less than perfection is inadvisable.

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