Hello sir!
I am having big trouble with overcompression, so I need an advice, if you'd like to share. How come I be mixing with no compressor in any channel or buss, and still get a loudness range of around only 8dB, (sometimes even 5dB) What am I doing so wrong? (Also any possible mixing tips on avoiding overcompression appreciated. )

Do you believe that loudness wars will end soon?

I know you are tired of hearing this, but we appreciate so much your will to share your tips with us! I have so many more things I want to ask but there are more people waiting in the line so... next time! Cheers! :-)

Ott responded on 03/03/2017

1. I'm definitely not tired of being told I'm cool.

2. Your paragraph about compression didn't contain any information so I am unable to assist.

3. The loudness wars are over and John Cage won.

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