I discovered your music a few years ago. Then I went a long way to see your concert to listen to "One Day I Wish..."
You did not play that song but you showed me a whole another world that I did not know it exists.
After going back home, I thought you could help me out with some life advises (don't know why) and wrote an e-mail to you.
You really did answer my questions and gave sh.tload of nice advises on life.
I applied them, and while applying in 1-2 years I watched a few more shows of you but never heard you play "One Day I wish..." (maybe I missed it.)
Then in 2016 I managed to gain a little "win" in life after a long time and then took a 24 hour bus trip to see you in Psy-Fi although I had some visa situations (ssh).
There, you actually played "One Day I Wish...".
The timing of everything was so funny and beautiful for me that it was like a journey that I started and ended with your help. It is how I like to see the life now at least, like episodes.. it's fun.
Many thanks

Ott responded on 03/15/2017

I fucking love my job.

When I started doing this I honestly never set out to influence anybody's life but my own. It was in about 2003 that I started getting emails and messages from people telling me my music had had a positive impact on their lives, even if it was just that I'd made their train journey to work more enjoyable.

Apparently I've helped people through addiction problems, depression, bereavement, childbirth, marriage, insomnia, chemotherapy, tinnitus, acid freakouts, prison, and been present at more sexual encounters than I'm strictly comfortable with.

Being able to make a living doing this is a massive privilege [although sometimes I complain like fuck, because airports] but finding out that I helped somebody along without realising it is the best thing ever.

As always, thanks for listening and for taking the time to write. :0)

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