Hi Ott, I hope you and your family are well. I'd like to know your opinion on bouncing down a mix to stems. I'm not sure if it is better to bounce the stem groups back into the project each as a stereo track or export the stem groups to the desktop. I've heard the quality is purer if you first bounce into the project and then export to desktop folder.
Whick would be better in your opinion. THANKS!!!

Ott responded on 03/03/2017

You have heard wrong, that's nonsense.

When my mix is finished I bounce it into its own project as four stereo stems - 'Drums' 'Bass' 'Music 1' and 'Music 2'.

Then I use these to generate my final mix[es].

Doing it this way enables me to do small tweaks to each file - maybe increase the volume of a drum fill 1dB or reverse a small section of vocal - which can make a huge difference to the finished thing.

It also means I can delete all of the other stuff and archive the mix in this simplified form, in case I ever want to go back and generate an instrumental edit, or maybe a version with no drums or louder bass.

It also means I can give them to the boys in the band so that they can learn and rehearse the songs while being able to switch off the bass or drums or whatever.

But, whatever, putting files on your desktop makes no difference to the sound of them. Files are files.

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