Hi Ott:
A while back, on your primary website, you wrote very favorably about Bitwig Studio. You said that you planned to continue exploring its usefulness to your work. Could you follow up on your experience?
I downloaded the trial version, but found myself stymied by the inability to change time signatures within a piece. I know I could ignore the bar markers, but that seems unduly complicated to me. Computers are so much better at mathematics than I am, I'd like for the machine to do that work!
Do you have any thoughts about working with this limitation?

Ott responded on 03/03/2017

I love Bitwig but it isn't an Ableton replacement for the context in which I use it. By which I mean it is almost certainly more creative and fun than Ableton, better as a compositional/experimental tool, but that isn't what I need most of the time so I haven't devoted much time to it.

Last time I used it there were too many basic functions missing and it felt like a beta, but I sincerely hope they keep innovating and pouring their energy into it because one day I hope to make a whole album with it. Without doubt the most exciting, creative and immersive musical environment I've ever encountered. It kind of sucks the music out of you...

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