Hey Ott. I'm an american but really like UK spelling and punctuation, a lot of literature is printed in it. I use it occasionally and accidentally, it makes people here very uncomfortable sometimes. You spend a fair amount of time in the US so I was wondering what your opinion is on the different ways of writing things? (Ultimately the american spelling is closer to Latin so some might say it is more correct than UK English, which is closer to French, but to me the UK way is more aesthetically pleasing??)

Ott responded on 03/03/2017

There is no such thing as 'UK English' or 'British English' - the language is called 'English' and there are many variants, one of which is 'USA English'.

I dislike the way most software is primed to treat English spellings as incorrect and whenever I'm asked to submit written answers to interview questions I always ask the interviewer not to 'correct' all my English spellings to USA ones before publication.

I prefer the way we default to the lingua franca in most circumstances [cheque/check, courgette/zucchini] and in some cases [aubergine/egg plant] despair of the missed opportunity to use the more elegant version. Egg plant? FFS...

I also think 'neighbour' looks more friendly than 'neighbor' and 'colour' looks slightly more colourful than 'color'.

But hey, you say 'potato', and I say 'the starchy, tuberous crop from the perennial nightshade Solanum tuberosum'.

Let's call the whole thing off.

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