second question, is that cheating? your sound is bigger and smoother than everyone else I listen to. I used to be semi obsessed with Simon Posford's sound and internal motions but every time I see you either of you guys, your overall sound is just more impressive. ( meant as a compliment to you, not tearing him down whatsoever) I know you claim to have no secrets others don't know, but are you sure about that?

Ott responded on 03/10/2017

They're not secrets, it's just too complicated and esoteric to put into words. if I could express what I'm trying to do in language I wouldn't need to make the music.

I have been doing it a long time and I have worked really hard at it. I think all of my stuff could sound *way* better than it does and all I really hear when I listen to it are the faults. Maybe that's the secret, I don't know.

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