Your music means so much to me. Your Boulder set was so magnificent and my first time seeing you with the band. This is a bit of a tidious question, but is there anyway you could tell me your set list? I would like to make a mix and relive the night as often as possible.

Much love,
Lexi from Iowa :)

Ott responded on 03/10/2017

Hi Lexi,

We loved it too. Something about the words 'sold out' always makes the gig go with a zing!

Aubergine Of The Sun
Unit Delta Plus
Adrift In Hilbert Space
Baby Robot
Spannered In Pilton
Queen Of All Everything
Squirrel And Biscuits
Hello My Name Is
Mr Balloon Hands
Splitting An Atom
Bicycle Of The Sky

Gamma Goblins
Rogue Bagel

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