I turn 32 this Friday.

I read somewhere (perhaps incorrectly?) that Hallucinogen in Dub wasn't released till you were 35, and that Skylon didn't really take off till you were almost in your 40s. How do you think your age has affected your outlook on creativity, the "music scene", and your own personal artistic direction?

I've been toiling in relative obscurity for almost a decade now, (I prefer to be a hermit), and hearing that you didn't really "break through" till you were almost 40 helps calm me tits when I start worrying about when I can start doing this as my only job.
I understand that there may be some misunderstandings on my part regarding chronology, but I myself struggle with the massive ocean of sonic information out there... and whether or not anyone is going to care about the few drops I add to it.
Did you wonder if this would ever be a career? What did you do in the meantime till this became self-sustaining?

Thank you!

Mr. Moo

Ott responded on 03/10/2017

Word up SeƱor Moo.

I was 34 when Hallucinogen In Dub was released, 35 when Blumenkraft came out and Skylon was released about four months before my 40th birthday. I toiled in total obscurity from 1982 to 2002 and had no idea I would ever make a living from it, and indeed I didn't until about 2008 after Skylon came out and the gig offers started coming.

I don't know where in the world you live ['calm me tits' - i'm guessing you're British] but during the 1990s in London it was possible to live [frugally] on the dole, pretty much indefinitely, so this is what I did until such time as it became self-supporting.

Dunno what it's like today - I have a feeling I lived through the golden age of Giro culture for which I'll always be grateful - but where there's a will there's a way.

I definitely paid my dues, with two decades of poverty and insecurity, and even now I'm constantly aware that I'm one serious ear infection away from total ruin.

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