Could you touch on the process for arps such as in the end of signals from bob? its sublime. Really love how it seems like changes tone every 3rd beat and tells a story, could you perhaps touch on this? hopefully I wasn't to vague, it is pretty ineffable.
Much love

Ott responded on 03/15/2017

That is a Korg MonoPoly analogue synth through an Electro-Harmonix Small Stone phaser [SovTec model]. The phaser functions as a sweeping filter and I am also tweaking the synths knobs while the pattern plays, meaning you get a seemingly random emphasis and cancelling of various harmonics over time and no two notes sound alike.

I use that combination quite a lot because it always generates something pleasing, at once familiar but also constantly evolving.

An obvious feature of that sound is that it is programmed in a triplet time signature while the rest of the song is a heavily-swung 16th quantise. That is why the 3rd beat sounds emphasised.

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