Hey Ott. Thanks for responding to my Q about the Hallucinogen in Dub album. It would be so cool if they could release a vinyl of that, one can only hope. That album means so much to me. When I realised it was 'Gamma Goblins' that y'all were playing at the encore for the Seattle show last fall, I was so shocked I must have made a ridiculous face like :O because Chris made that face right back at me. I can't help it your music is just jaw-dropping every time. Can't wait to see you back here in this area in the future, the PNW loves youu

Ott responded on 03/30/2017

It makes a great encore song. We have no idea what we're doing and it always sounds like a bit of a mess, but it's enormously good fun. One day we'll drag Simon on to join in with it.

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