Can you translate the lyrics in Harwell Dekatron & Owl Stretching Time?

Ott responded on 03/30/2017

The speech in "Harwell Dekatron" is in Dutch and it says:

"Wij kunnen vloeiend spreken omdat we meeluisteren naar onze eigen stem. Onze stem word naar de hersens teruggemeld zodat we hem kunnen controleren."

Which translates into English as:

"We can speak fluently because we are listening in on our own voice. Our voice is being sent back to the brain, so we can check it." [Thanks to Gijsje Geelen and Filip Kalas for the translation.]

"Owl Stretching Time" is untranslatable, but imagine a power-crazed dictator giving an impassioned speech to a group of confused moon-dwelling lifeforms...

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