Favorite tricks tricks to do with a Korg MonoPoly?

Ott responded on 04/03/2017

Reverse Filter envelope:

Filter envelope to 9 o'clock, filter attack to 4, decay to 8, sustain to 0, release to 0.

"Doowaaah doowaah doowaah!"

Bass line to 'Owl Stretching Time' done like that. Classic MonoPoly sound.

Also, same filter env in conjunction with a minor 9th chord in chord memory, PWM oscillators detuned. Instant '80s funk. That sound is all over 'Fairchildren', most obviously on 'Hello, My Name Is...'

Also, synced pulse wave oscillators with x-mod and osc1 modulating the VCF at audio rates [mine has been modified] which is how I did the ringing metallic, digital melody sound right at the end of 'Unit Delta Plus' - the last sound you hear.

Gradually increasing PWM and mixing in all four oscillators over time to gradually thicken lead sounds. That is the portamento lead sound on the first half of 'Harwell Dekatron'

I love my MonoPoly.

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