Regarding my synthesizer question, 500 USD. I am looking for a monophonic or polyphonic really, I just want something where I can touch knobs! I recall you with a Gaia sh101 on stage once and that looks quite up my alley yet I am also looking at the bs2. It would be my first synth

Ott responded on 04/19/2017

They are both excellent. I don't have a BS2 (yet) but Chris our bass player has one and I am constantly looking around going "wow, cool sound!" when he is fiddling about with it. But it is monophonic.

I love the Gaia and it would make an excellent first synth. It does every thing you would ever need it to do, and it sounds amazing. I highly recommend it.

The only thing I don't like is that the menu system is a bit arcane and you need the manual open while you are using it until you have committed the most common functions to memory.

It doesn't quite have the 'bite' of the BS2, but it does have polyphony.

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