Hello, Sir!
Wanted to thank You about Your gig @ Kaivohuone, Helsinki, Finland at 7th April. It was my first (but not last, I hope) time I saw You live. I'm so extremely happy I got there. I also wanted to deeply apologize I bothered You at the stage few times. Was too exited and a little bit too wined. I wish I'd found Your music earlier than a year ago... :/
As long as I don't have a vinyl player my own, I bought to my friends husband ( a DJ) Your Fairchildren vinyl as a Christmas present via Bandcamp. :D He was really surprised.

Ott responded on 04/19/2017

Hi Katja,

Please don't apologise, it was lovely meeting you. After I left I suddenly became paranoid that I'd spelled your name wrong when I signed your ticket, but I see from your email address that I got it right.

I had a great night and it was made all the better for seeing your happy beaming face down the front. That's why I do it.

Much love,

Ott. x

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