How did you feel listening to the last version of Squirrel And Biscuits before it was sent off to master?

Ott responded on 04/19/2017

"Got the bastard!"

The version on the album is Mix 9 and it took about two years to get it right. The day before the mastering session I was ready to go with Mix 8 but something was nagging at me. I was very tired, having been manically working to get the record finished by the deadline, but I decided to give it one more go.

Starting from scratch, with a completely blank patchbay and the mixer zeroed out, it took four hours and I eventually got to bed at about 4:00am. On the train to London the next day I compared the two versions and Mix 9 was the clear winner by a large margin. I edited it into the compiled album right there on the train.

Just to be sure I asked Kevin, the mastering engineer, to compare the two versions and on hearing Mix 8 he said "I'm glad you didn't show up with that one."

Exactly the same thing happened with 'The Bicycle Of The Sky'.

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