Dear Ott,

What are some approaches you've used to process tablas in the past?

I have a live solo tabla performance I'm doing noise removal on. The recording was done with one Omni mic so it picked up heaters, fans, audience noise and in some spots, gnarly feedback from the PA. After cleaning up most of the audio, the tablas have lost a bit of life. Any advice would help a lot, if you'd be so kind.

Thank You!

Ott responded on 06/23/2017

Noise reduction kills sounds unless used very sparingly. I would rather hear the background noise than a mushy, mangled tabla.

Try using a transient shaper to restore the front of the sound.

Also, seriously consider living with the background noise. It's probably quite interesting.

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Spaniards?! No, spunions!

Wanted to thank you again for playing for us in Portland, Maine! And for talking to us after the show and giving us a photo op (they came out ridiculous but you might find them entertaining :P)

I have so many questions but I'll try to keep them brief!
#1. Is there any chance we might see a CD set in the future?
#2. Skylon shirts?! I'd definitely descend upon both of those with absolute joy.
#3. Unit Delta Plus - the numbers at the end holy crap I've been trying to decipher this for ages WHAT DOES IT MEAN?! Could you drop any hints or anything?

Love you Ott. You are the man.

Ott responded on 06/23/2017
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Yes yes, please try to get S. Posford on stage with the All Seeing I !! If that were ever to coincide, is it possible for the performance to be filmed for youtube/posterity?
That encore was seriously the best thing ever. I think the slight dischord made it so mindblowing and also went very well with the meaning behind the song (at least how i understand and experience it). It was definitely an amazing journey, and watching it unfold and reveal itself was so cool....hopefully you can understand why I made such a strange face when I felt that goblin beat rise up out of the mud!

This track has been a big help with waking up from night terrors--Instead of being trapped for hours in a state of half-awake nightmare and spending the rest of the day/week feeling awful, so I thank you so much. I wish I could remember that encore better but I don't do well in crowds. But the feeling stays with me to this day and it was much appreciated

Ott responded on 06/23/2017
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