Hello Ott! How do you decide what goes on the stereo field - do you mix in mono first? And any thoughts on the LCR technique?

Ott responded on 06/23/2017

Various mastering engineers have pointed out that I actually mix in what they called 'wide-mono'. If you look at your VU meters while playing one of my songs you'll notice that they very rarely indicate any more energy being reproduced on one side than the other.

If I have a guitar panned 60% left I will have a bongo drum panned 60% right to balance it. If I have a hi-hat 25% left I will have a shaker 25% right to balance it.

Everything under 130 Hz is in mono.

I'm obsessive about L-R balance. I mix with my speakers off to one side and set levels with my left ear.

90% of the time I listen in mono.

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