Spaniards?! No, spunions!

Wanted to thank you again for playing for us in Portland, Maine! And for talking to us after the show and giving us a photo op (they came out ridiculous but you might find them entertaining :P)

I have so many questions but I'll try to keep them brief!
#1. Is there any chance we might see a CD set in the future?
#2. Skylon shirts?! I'd definitely descend upon both of those with absolute joy.
#3. Unit Delta Plus - the numbers at the end holy crap I've been trying to decipher this for ages WHAT DOES IT MEAN?! Could you drop any hints or anything?

Love you Ott. You are the man.

Ott responded on 06/23/2017

#1 Yes.
#2 Yes
#3 No
#4 Portland was a great night wasn't it?

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