I found The Schengen Agreement and stand corrected about UK independence on immigration policy. However, The European Union still mandates the immigration policies of other European nations.

Of course the EU provides many benefits, such as easy internal transportation, but are there things you would change? For instance, is it okay to have unelected EU officials overseeing the affairs of member nations?

Ott responded on 06/24/2017

The European Union is a confederation of all of its member states, not some monolithic external tyrant, enforcing its whims on a helpless population. All EU policies are formulated and ratified by the member states, elected representatives of whom sit in the European parliament in Brussels. EU civil servants are appointed to carry out mandates secured by democratic means and these people are answerable to the various MEPs elected by the populations of the member states.

There is no 'oversight' of the 'affairs of member nations' by 'unelected EU officials' - whoever told you that is pushing an agenda.

Your terminology is erroneous. It suggests an ignorance of what the EU is and how it works and your constantly loaded and inaccurate questioning suggests to me that your sources of information consist solely of Fox 'news' and Breitbart.

I suggest you travel beyond your right-wing echo-chambers and experience that about which you purport to know.

Do you own a passport?

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