Any pro tips for running into a slightly more enveloping experience than you anticipated at a festival? Grab onto a buddies backpack and make it to main stage no matter what? Hug a funktion-one? Cling to the comfort of campsites? Friends? Breathe!?!? - always seem to forget that one haha. But now I'm just spitting my own tips...would love to hear some of your perspective

Ott responded on 06/24/2017

Imagine you're on a rollercoaster ride and as it starts to move off you panic and decide you want to get off. The worst thing you could do would be to try to climb out of the moving car and grab hold of the railings.

Or imagine you're skydiving and as you jump you decide you've made a mistake. No point in trying to get back in the plane - you're committed now and all you can do is fall and enjoy the view.

In my experience bad times stem from failing to observe the 'set and setting' rule - making sure your mindset is prepared and your situation [where you are, who you're with] is conducive to a psychedelic experience.

Even then, things can become more intense than anticipated and in those circumstances you should go where it takes you, don't be afraid and let everything flow through you.

I always kept a 10mg beta-blocker and a 20mg Valium in my pocket for emergencies but I wouldn't recommend that unless prescribed by a doctor.

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