Hello OTT, i am a bit late to the party as i bought my first album by you (MIR) the other week. I was quite awestruck by it and when i listen to it, it feels to me like i have come home. I have started making music as a hobby and will be 50 this year and am thinking of selling a few items in order to treat myself to a poly synth for my birthday. Any recommendations?

Ott responded on 08/23/2017

Hi Hugh,

I'm fifty next birthday too and you're not a moment too late. Welcome to the family.

I would highly recommend the Korg Minilogue. It's beautifully designed, sounds amazing, no hidden menus to confound and confuse, it is highly specified and capable but not pointlessly complex, with one-knob-per-function, making it the perfect learner's synth. It also has a neat and informative oscilloscope to teach you about wave shapes.

And it's cheap for what it is.

I'm getting one myself.

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