Ahoy there! There are many things I'd like to say, but right now I'm most interested in the set-up you're using for the all seeing eye.
1. What is the in-ear monitor system you're using?
2. How much of the drums are on the backing track?
3. Do you have everything "preset" in a digital mixer to get a similar sound to the record (i.e all drum channels processing effects etc)?

Keep on making great music and thank you!!

Ott responded on 08/23/2017

1. We use a Behringer X32 rack on stage and we each have a P16 personal mixer connected via Behringer's proprietary 'Ultranet' protocol. We all have Ultimate Ears Pro7 custom IEMs and SubPac M2 personal subwoofers.

2. All the big stuff [kick, snare, toms, hats, timbale, cymbals] are played live. The electronic percussion and processed drum loops and effects are coming from Ableton Live. Matt, our drummer, is so good at playing to programmed drums and sequences that it is often difficult to see the join.

3. No. The drums, percussion, bass, guitars, vocals, and synths are all mixed by Ricardo, our FOH engineer, and he does his own thing. His job is to make us sound as good as possible in each different venue, rather than to reproduce the sound of the records. I'm not sure he's even listened to them more than once, but we trust him completely.

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