Hi Ott. I heart your music and thanks for being cool every time I've seen you in person. I'm really happy you've come around on your thoughts on vinyl enough to release everything. When you get around to doing Blumenkraft, are you planning on including Scilly Automatic? I recently found out how well that track fits right in the middle of the Gargoyles EP, so I've taken to rearranging my music library so it's a part of that album, rather than Blumenkraft. Would you consider doing another kickstarter for those three tracks together on vinyl?

Also, thank you for the amazing show on my birthday last weekend in Denver. I'm really happy I moved to the place in the states that you visit the most often.

Ott responded on 11/25/2017

Nice one, thanks!

Scilly Automatic won't be on the vinyl version of Blumenkraft. I only included it with the download because it was written around the same time and it fits well. Not sure if I'll be doing Gargoyles on vinyl. Probably not.

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