gilmour or barrett?

Ott responded on 11/25/2017


Pink Floyd were at least three distinct bands, possibly more.

Mk1 with Syd. Weirdest pop band. Ever. Interstellar Overdrive? Arnold Layne? A gnome called Grimble Gromble? I love the daft old recordings, the sonic experimentation.

Mk2. Syd's gone nuts, nobody knows what to do, brass bands, making records out of kitchen implements. Ummagumma. Atom Heart Mother.

Mk3. 'Proper' Pink Floyd. This is where they hit their stride - Meddle, DSOTM, WYWH, Animals. Invented their own style of music. At least two of those albums are amongst the most important in my life. Around the time of Animals the cracks are starting to appear. They should really have taken a break for five years but instead they ploughed on with The Wall amid an atmosphere of acrimony and paranoia.

Mk4. The Wall. Not without its sublime moments but predominantly horseshit.

Mk5. The Dave Gilmour Band. Like a bunch of accountants got together and decided to play some Pink Floyd songs. Fucking rubbish.

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