Hello you amazing person! Thank you for everything you've done. Your music means the world to me.

What plugins did you use the most on "Mr Balloon Hands"?
also is Mr Balloon Hands friends with Mr Walkway?

How did you make the lead that comes in at 1:02 on
"Hello , My Name is..."?

Whats the most important thing to practice in terms of music production?

Would you do it all again?

Ott responded on 11/25/2017

1. No idea. I just use whatever gets the job done.

2. Mr Balloon Hands is indeed friends with Mr Walkway. Not my chair, not my problem.

3. It's made with a Doepfer modular system using an Analogue Systems RS95E oscillator and two Doepfer A-121 multimode filters in series. Bit of distortion, lots of compression.

4. Diligence.

5. Without question.

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