Hello Ott, No question, just a recap on a question i asked a while ago about polysynth recommendations. I bought myself a minilogue a month or so ago. I was initially dissapointed with it because it didn't do the same thing as my Bass station and i didn't like the arpeggiator (which is my go to turd polishing nob) as much as my BS2's arp nob. Then it dawned on me that i had to stop treating it like my other synth and get accustomed to the quirks and features that make up it's whole. Long story short. I love it and spend hours and hours noodling in a pleasurable haze of sonic self indulgence. So thankyou.
And in relation to your earlier question/answer about pink floyd, i agree. It was a bit of an anti climax when they reformed in the late 80s and released that pile of pony. It was an album that appeals to the Bonnie Tyler shoulder pads brigade (no disrespect to Bonnie as she has a gargantuan voice).

Ott responded on 11/30/2017

If it did the same thing as your Bass Station there would be no point in buying it, surely?

Glad you're enjoying it - the only reason I don't have one is that I have run out of space.

I just got a Waldorf Streichfett though and that is my new most favourite thing in the whole world.

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