First of all, my sincere appreciation, gratitude and thanks for applying a stabile beat and soundtrack to my state of mind these years. I have been listening on and of since day one. Just turned 50 and for me at least, quality never goes out of style..

Is Blumenkraft on vinyl going to happen?

Someone snatched my Hallucinogen in Dub, fair enough i guess, as i own far to many things, have a roof over my head and hot meals every day. Still, i miss it. Will it be vinylized by you anytime soon or is that Simons department?

Ott responded on 12/01/2017

1. You’re most welcome. :0)

2. Yes, as soon as Skylon is done and dusted Blumenkraft will be next.

3. Hallucinogen In Dub belongs to Twisted Records so it’s out of my hands.

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