Hello Ott! I have a question related to making music. There seems to be a lot of all kinds of wonky and/or glitchy sounds in your music. An obvious example would be the part in Adrift In Hilbert Space which starts on 4.20 where everything's all around the place (in a controlled manner of course). Another sound that interests me in particular is the bendy synth in Unit Delta Plus, starting from around 0.50. All those things make your music move in a fun way. I would like to know, how do you usually go about making those kinds of sounds? Is it just recording while turning all the rights knobs, or do you record something into audio, and then edit it by hand? I've tried doing something along those lines, but I always end up with something that sounds completely out of place. Thank you for your valuable tips and lovely music. Hope to see you in Finland soon!

Ott responded on 02/12/2018

It's both. Generally I'll pass something through a chain of effects and record the result as audio, and then get the scissors out and chop it up by hand. The second half of Adrift in Hilbert Space was done like that. Every slice of sound was placed where it is by hand. It took days to get it all flowing smoothly but it became more and more rewarding as time went on.

The bit at 0:50 in Unit Delta Plus is me playing a Hohner melodica, with a child's glockenspiel doubling the melody, and then the whole lot is passed through a modular synth and a voltage controlled 'bucket-brigade' delay unit. That got recorded back into the computer as an audio track and then I got busy with the scissors and fucked it all up a bit more.

Cubase is an incredibly agile tool for chopping audio up into tiny pieces and rearranging them to fit a rhythm. I enjoy doing it immensely.

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